Validate email addresses before you send to them

We have partnered with email verification service NeverBounce to offer our customers a way to check that their email addresses are valid before they send to them.

This has two main benefits.

First, with email marketing, your sender reputation is everything. Too many bounces can quickly see you black flagged as a spammer, reducing the chances of future email campaigns placing well in your contacts’ inboxes.

Second, you can avoid being charged Sentori subscription fees for contacts who you cannot email.

About NeverBounce and Sentori

We would recommend that any new lists you intend to import into Sentori are first run through NeverBounce to verify them. As a Sentori customer you will automatically receive a 10% discount applied to your use of NeverBounce, just visit our partner page and use the discount code “Sentori”.

Once your list has been verified, you will receive a report and the option to download the cleaned list. This cleaned list can then be imported into Sentori as normal.