Our history

We were an email marketing agency for the better part of a decade, designing, building, and managing the email campaigns of some of the UK’s biggest brands and organisations. We loved our work, had great clients, and passionately believed in the effectiveness of the email channel for unrivaled and measurable ROI.

As an agency we used many of the popular email marketing platforms; some we liked but a lot we didn’t. What they all had in common was that the most effective features of email marketing were prohibitively technical, often putting them out of reach to all but the organisations with the best technical teams, the biggest budgets, and the most time.

This seemed wrong to us; we felt sure that we couldĀ distilĀ our experience as an email marketing agency into our own software to make these features accessible for organisations of any size and budget.

In the summer of 2008, we started using the first release of Sentori with a selection of clients.

Continuing to grow

Our growth has been organic and self-funded. We love what we do and enjoy helping our customers with their email campaigns every day. We’re in this for the long term because we believe in what we do. We’re excited by what the future will bring and will continue to develop Sentori to make the most of emerging opportunities and technology, be they mobile, social, or something completely new.

Explore The Features

Email Marketing

Beautiful newsletters, drag and drop layouts, testing tools, and personalisation.

Contact Insights

Sentori tracks opens, clicks, and provides an on-going engagement score. We also profile contact interests through easy to use tagging.


Trigger automated emails on clicks, forms submissions, and other actions. Add delays and create multi-step marketing automation.

Landing Pages

Extend email campaigns with high-converting microsites that can easily be personalised based on contact data.


Create SMS marketing campaigns that be personalised and triggered based on contact data.

Enterprise Manager

Connect Sentori accounts to sync contacts, content, and users. Collaborate in real-time on email campaign production.