Email Marketing

Create beautiful, personalised, email marketing campaigns.


Contact Insights

For many companies, their email marketing lists are still anonymous email addresses. With Sentori we give you the tools and reports to easily begin to build in-depth profiles that contain actionable marketing data.



Our automation builder allows you to easily create simple autoresponders, timed drip campaigns, and blog/RSS driven automations.

Autoresponders are made up of one or more emails that are automatically sent to a contact when they perform an action such as submitting a form, clicking a link, etc. Longer campaigns are easily created by combining email send actions and delay actions.

RSS Automations monitor your blog’s RSS feed and automatically send new posts to your specified contact list on your specified days. Our RSS template language allows you to easily customise the layout of your email and how many stories to include.


Landing Pages

Create personalised web landing pages or entire microsites.





Send personalised SMS alerts and notifications to your contacts.


Enterprise Manager

Powerful tools for teams and organisations.