Email Batch Sending

Batch sending is a new feature in Sentori that allows you to split a send into smaller chunks for slower delivery of emails.

Why batch sending emails is useful

We’ve come across a number of scenarios with customers where sending an email at full-speed can cause issues:

  • Spreading traffic to a website over a few hours in order to stop it being overloaded with concurrent visitors.
  • Giving a small sales team manageable workloads, with a batch of emails sent out daily over a week.
  • Managing logistics and resources for online retail. We have seen a business that sent its email campaigns on a Monday and had its warehouse staff need to work overtime to fulfil orders. By Wednesday, the staff were being sent home early. Batch sending allowed them to even out orders across each day of the week.

How batch sending works

On Sentori’s send screen you will now see an option labelled Batched Sending. Checking this option will reveal two parameters: Batch Size, which is the number of contacts in each batch; and Delay, which is the delay between each batch being started Read more