Email Marketing


Campaign Builder

Our drag and drop campaign builder allows you to quickly modify the layout of your email campaigns, adding, deleting, and re-ordering content blocks. Our flexible mobile-optimised email templates allow for unlimited layout possibilities.

Text and links are easy to edit and uploaded images are automatically re-sized to perfectly fit your layouts, no need for Photoshop or a designer.



Email layout can be set dynamically, with blocks of content shown or hidden based on the contact’s record or contact insights that Sentori has learned about them. Further, the text within these layout blocks can also be personalised by use of merge fields.




Automated Email Testing

Email campaign checks help you avoid common problems before launch. Our automated email tests include hyperlink validation, merge field validation, default/placeholder text finder, subject line checker, social share link checker, landing page link checker, unsubscribe validation, mailto link validation, reply address validation, and more.


Collaborative real-time editing

Multiple team members can edit an email or landing page at the same time, allowing for the rapid production of content. When a user saves their content change, collaborating users are notified in real-time and can pull the change immediately or what until they have finished their edit.