Contact Insights


Contact profiling

Multiple team members can edit an email or landing page at the same time, allowing for the rapid production of content. When a user saves their content change, collaborating users are notified in real-time and can pull the change immediately or what until they have finished their edit.



Sentori performs deep on-going analysis of contacts, examining opens, clicks, social media activity, and more, in order to provide a contact engagement score. Identifying your best contacts and those whose engagement has lapsed is the basis for different content strategies – upsell or winback. 




Email Habits

Contact profiles within Sentori provide deep insights into the inbox habits of your contacts. We provide on-going campaign interaction data (emails sent, opened, clicked), email client usage, and interaction times to help you identify the best time to send your emails.


One-to-marketing in a few clicks

Having Sentori profile your contacts with tags, helps you create true one-to-one marketing campaigns. Content blocks within a campaign can be set to show or hide based on contact profile date. In a few clicks, a simple broadcast email can be transformed into a dynamic and personalised marketing message.