Summary Reports

The summary reports in Sentori all allow you to access consolidated data on a month’s worth of activity in your account.  The data is in CSV format which means you can examine and report on the data in a spreadsheet.

Accessing Summary Reports

In order to access the new reports, go to Reports > Summary Reports.

Unlike the other reports in Sentori, these summaries are not displayed in real-time on the screen. Because they have the potential to be very large and data-intensive, they are requested, added to a queue to process, and are then emailed to you. Although in practice this may only take a few minutes, during busy periods this may take much longer.

Types of Summary Report

We have created five initial types of Summary Report:

  • KPI Report: key performance indicators for a month’s email sends.
  • Link Performance Report: link performance for a month’s email sends.
  • Unsubscribe Reasons Report: unsubscribe reasons for a month’s email sends.
  • Email Clients Report: email client popularity for a month’s email sends.
  • Contacts Report: daily numbers of subscribers, suppressed, and bad addresess for a month.